the circle and the line
the circle and the line
the circle and the line
the circle and the line

lisa field

the circle and the line

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  • a small and spacious primer in words and images
  • this exquisitely printed book is a beautiful and simple interpretation of divinity and discernment, as told through the shapes of the circle and the line
  • the circle and the line offers language to speak to being and doing; to the grace and the intention that exist in tandem in our human lives - pairing deliberately sparse text with black and white images shot while finding solace in the natural world, all over the continental united states
  • "the circle and the line is an examination and expression of both self-ness and divinity, words shaping the figurative circle of our inner being, and exploring the line between self and interbeing. and much more in the depths and margins, on the perimeters, and edges, in the alls-and-everythings, and the here-to-theres.
    slender and lovely, it is pure joy to hold - in itself, a quite humble, beautiful, considered object, which also contains lisa’s intimate photos. it is one of those books you can set out somewhere and let it call to you to open. and when you do, read the whole book through, or choose any page, and receive a meditation.
    i hope you will consider giving yourself or someone you love this gift! It is written with such economy and deliberateness, quiet intention and space for our own large and small truths. i just love this small marvel!” —patti pagliei, founder and creative director of waxing poetic
  • printed on perfectly uncoated vellum paper with a matte finish and heavy textured cover by edition one books in berkeley, california
  • words and images by lisa field
  • design by liz kalloch
  • 72 pages
  • 4x6in
  • softcover
  • isbn 9780578754260