sun milk soap
sun milk soap
sun milk soap

sun milk soap

wild lather
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this sunny offering was dreamt up during a time that current events left the wild lather team craving comfort, familiarity, and nourishment. they were drawn toward two plants in particular ~ milky oats + calendula. energetically, this duo feels like dusk on a warm, breezy day. physically, the combination can calm, heal, and soothe tired skin ~ something we often face in cold climates or dry winters. this is their first essential-oil-free triangle ~ made for extra sensitive skin and times. however, the soap has a beautiful, subtle aroma. it's soft, sweet, and grassy. a combination of creamy base oils and milky oats solar infusion. a gentle herbal offering

essential oils: wild lavender, organic bergamot, organic lemon, organic geranium

ingredients: saponified organic shea butter, organic oat tops infused organic olive oil, fair trade organic coconut oil, organic camellia oil, and organic castor oil; kaolin clay; calendula extract


made in the united states