sarah barette in cream
sarah barette in cream


sarah barette in cream

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  • minimal barrette inspired by vintage hair accessories - securely clips back bangs and holds all hair types in a half-up style
  • measures 2.7cm x 5.5cm
  • cellulose acetate with gold-tone metal backing - cellulose acetate is prepared by introducing an acetyl group to cellulose (a major component of cell walls that surround plants) the addition of an acetyl group to cellulose makes it a semi-synthetic material much like rayon or viscose - the cellulose used in winden pieces is derived from wood and cotton linters
  • handmade in france
  • winden goods are manufactured by a family-owned and operated factory in france - each piece is created using cellulose acetate manufactured in Italy and plated stainless steel made in france, both in accordance with the european reach regulations