belt sac in natural cow
belt sac in natural cow
belt sac in natural cow
belt sac in natural cow
belt sac in natural cow

agnes baddoo

belt sac in natural cow

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  • daughters personal favorite, a small clutch with a removable self tying belt - the best part about this bag is how unique the wear becomes over time. you truly get to make it your own as it develops its personal patina
  • belt sac is a small leather clutch and/or convertible belt sac that fits inside all size sacs. for use as a clutch or hands free as a belt sac or bandolier; comes with matching, detachable, self fastening belt and faraday lining for emf protection
  • a perfect travel bag
  • features back slip pocket
  • lined with military grade, copper filament, faraday fabric to provide electro-magnetic/radio frequency protection from cell phone emissions. it is convenient to keep our cell phones accessible in the back slot pocket, resting close to our body. faraday fabric claims to offer emf shielding between our body and radio frequencies emitted from cell phones. limiting emf exposure is definitely something that interests Agnes, so, couldn’t hurt to give it a try!
  • belt sac measures 7in wide X  4 1/4in high - belt strap measures 51in
  • note: color variation and minor markings, are characteristic of veggie tan natural leather; it starts pale pink and tans over time and exposure to a dark honey color
  • care: it's recommended to condition the leather, seasonally. Especially before and after storage. olive oil or leather conditioner moisturize, with very little, barely noticeable tanning. each skin is different. it is recommend to test patch on the bottom, letting it absorb over night before applying to the whole bag
  • more care notes and suggestions recommended by Agnes Baddoo (from her experience, not brand endorsements, can't predict, not responsible for...) for conditioning, she has used: *olive oil - usually, not much color difference *fiebing’s 4-1 conditioner - may even out, lightly *fiebings saddle soap -this Agnes uses on older, lived in, really marked up, splattered natural veggie tan -it will even out the splats to a honey tone… *lexor leather condition - usually, not much color difference - always test the bottom overnight!
  • Agnes Baddoo states she usually only condition after she has used the bag for a while; like before the bag is stored or after it’s been out of circulation or seasonally, depending on how dry it’s been…i.e. not conditioning new veggie tan leather in order to allow it time to build character - this is what makes veggie tan leather so special - it's ability to become incredibly unique with time and wear!
  • handcrafted in los angeles
  • photos courtesy of Agnes Baddoo