jew-ish: a cookbook: reinvented recipes from a modern mensch
jew-ish: a cookbook: reinvented recipes from a modern mensch


jew-ish: a cookbook: reinvented recipes from a modern mensch

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  • a new york times bestseller!
  • a brilliantly modern take on jewish culinary traditions for a new generation of readers, from a bright new star in the culinary world
  • when you think of jewish food, a few classics come to mind: chicken soup with matzo balls, challah, maybe a babka if you’re feeling adventurous. but as food writer and nice jewish boy jake cohen demonstrates in this stunning debut cookbook, jewish food can be so much more
  • in jew-ish, he reinvents the food of his ashkenazi heritage and draws inspiration from his husband’s persian-iraqi traditions to offer recipes that are modern, fresh, and enticing for a whole new generation of readers. imagine the components of an everything bagel wrapped into a flaky galette latkes dyed vibrant yellow with saffron for a persian spin on the potato pancake, best-ever hybrid desserts like macaroon brownies and pumpkin spice babka! jew-ish features elevated, yet approachable classics along with innovative creations, such as: 
    • jake’s perfect challah 
    • roasted tomato brisket 
    • short rib cholent 
    • iraqi beet kubbeh soup 
    • cacio e pepe rugelach 
    • sabich bagel sandwiches
    • matzo tiramisu
  • jew-ish is a brilliant collection of delicious recipes, but it’s much more than that. as jake reconciles ancient traditions with our modern times, his recipes become a celebration of a rich and vibrant history, a love story of blending cultures, and an invitation to gather around the table and create new memories with family, friends, and loved ones
  • 272 pages
  • hardcover
  • 8 x 0.81 x 9 inches
  • isbn: 9780358353980